Tops for Kids
Tops for Kids 01 - Maine Woodturners

Dateline - Winter 2008:

Member Kim Dailey has invited us to make tops for the children at the Barbara Bush Childrens Hospital in Portland. “Each year when the AAW holds its annual symposium they ask for donations of some kind to help out a local charity that would benefit children. That’s great, but instead of sending our efforts out of state why don't we keep it here and do something for our own children. We have one of the best children's hospitals in the country right here in Maine. Let's do something to support them and brighten up a child's day.", Kim said.

He is asking for us to turn tops of all sizes and shapes for the children at Barbara Bush. Please keep in mind to make the tops larger than 1 1/2" in diameter to avoid a choking hazard. The representative from the hospital would like most of the tops to be uncolored so that the children can decorate the tops themselves. Please bring the tops to any meeting and give them to Kim. He will gladly take care of getting them to the hospital.

The folks over at Western Mountain Woodturners are doing this as well (also under Kim’s tutelage) and have challenged us to step forward with them. What say ye?

Here’s a link to the end result