Tee Shirt Contest


I’d like to extend my grateful appreciation to all those who submitted entries for the contest. For the record, they were: Katharina Keoughan; Dick Kelly; Gabrielle Hoyt; Jacques Vesery; Ken Shepherd; Mike Chase; and one more individual whose name has been lost for all time.

So. Who won?

After counting all ballots three times and giving double credit to those with hanging chads we learned that the front of the shirt will have the logo we’ve been using for many years on our newsletters, postcards, and such. Dave Lancaster recalls that the designer of the logo was (possibly) a mechanical engineer who’d never turned, but was mesmerized by the process. He further remembers that the fellow once came late to a meeting and took a quick look through the window to see what was going on. He ended up watching the demo through that window for the next forty-five minutes out of fear that he might miss something while walking around the corner to the door.

I kinda like it that the membership has voted to retain that which has been with us all these many years. And now that this recognition has been formalized, we’ll all be seeing a lot more of it.

So. Whoever you are, and wherever you are - Thanks very much.

thumb tee shirt 05 - Maine Woodturners

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And as for the back of the shirt, I’m pleased to offer my thanks to member Jacques Vesery for his splendid and inspired submission. I for one am getting a big kick out of the notion that very soon I’ll finally be able to own (and wear) a Vesery original.

thumb tee shirt 06 - Maine Woodturners

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Who wants a free tee shirt?

It’s high time the Maine Woodturners had a proper chapter tee shirt. But since we’re all much better turners and procrastinators than we are tee shirt and/or logo designers, it’s been decided to open up the development of this to the whole world. Here’s how it’s gonna work.

It’s a contest and it begins today (December 14th, 2007) and entries will be eagerly accepted between now and February 17th, 2008. Anyone (including MWT members, of course) who stumbles across this event is welcome to participate in it and suffer the consequences.

All entries will be submitted to Chapter VP Andy Hoyt via snail mail or e-mail. Click here for those addresses. All entries will be original line art suitable for silk screen printing in one, or perhaps two colors. We are open to front and back of shirt printing, if your design concept includes this. Digital entries can be in any of most commonly used file formats.

We would like the design to reflect/invoke the concepts of “woodturning” and “Maine”; but we’re leaving it up to you to figure out how best to do that. Mostly because we’re clueless!

Submissions will not be returned at the end of the contest; the winning entry will become the property of the Maine Woodturners; and the others will be discarded. The process to produce the tee shirt may require slight last minute modification to the winning design and the chapter reserves the right to do so, if needed.

All designs will be posted on this page for review. Hard copies will be available at our February 20th, 2008 monthly meeting for last minute evaluation; and those members of the club present that night will select five entries from all those submitted. Voting will be by paper ballot.

These finalists will be showcased again on this page for a month. Each of those five finalists will receive a free tee shirt (in their specified size) of the design that is ultimately chosen.

That selection will take place at the March 19th, 2008 monthly meeting and will be made solely by those members present that night. Voting will be by paper ballot.

The ultimate winner will receive an extra tee shirt (in their specified size); appropriate recognition here; a check for $100; and our sincere appreciation for your help in bringing this three year long event to its long overdue conclusion.

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Thumb Tee Shirt 01 - Maine Woodturners

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thumb tee shirt 04 - Maine Woodturners





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thumb tee shirt 05 - Maine Woodturners

thumb tee shirt 06 - Maine Woodturners

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