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Membership in the Maine Woodturners is open to everyone regardless of the extent of their turning experience or level of expertise. You simply need to posses a desire to learn more about this wonderful avocation from us – and acknowledge that we want to learn from you as well. Feel free to contact just about anyone in the chapter to learn more about us. And when you’re ready to join us, please click here.

In Memoriam Click here to go to a page dedicated to those members who have gone to a place where tools never need sharpening; wood never splits; pieces never need sanding; and there’s no such thing as a catch.
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Al Mather


al mather Delta Double Duty
Mather 620
Powermatic 3520B
Yes Yes Apr 05
Al Michaud al michaud DeltaFavorite tool: roughing gouge Yes
Alan Butterfield Alan Butterfield - Maine Woodturners Rikon Mini
Ann Prescott ann prescott Oneway 2436 Yes March, 2011
Andrew B. Berry
Ben Holmes
Bill Forbes Bill Forbes Grizzly G1495
Bill Housley bill housely Lindow/White Rose Engine
Oneway 1224, 2 Jet Minis
South Bend Metal lathe
Jewelers lathe
Yes Yes
Bill Mack   Yes
Bill Wood Bill Wood - Maine Woodturners
Bob Brann
Bob Delio
Bob Goggin
Bob Landorf bob landorf Yes
Bob MacDougall
Bob Pratt
Bob Morrell
Past Treasurer
Honored Member
bob morrell
Bob Veilleux
Brian Libby
Past President
brian libby Powermatic 3520b
and Rikon Mini
May 09
Bruce McCreedy bruce mccreedy Yes
Burt Truman
burt truman Oneway 1224 with extension Yes Jun 03
Buzz Small buzz small Oneway 2436
Cameron Weaver
Carleton Runnels
Honored Member
carleton runnels
Charlie Rappaport charles rappaport
Charlie Rogers
Honored Member
charlie rogers Yes
Charlotte Carnes charlotte carnes Yes
Chelsea Rose
Chris Eldridge
Chuck Seguin
Web Site Director
chuck seguin 12” Craftsman
(vintage 1949)and a Rikon 70-100
 Sept.2013, March 2014
Connie Jo Butler


Corbin Westcott corbin wescott Oneway 1224  
Dale Woerter Dale Woerter Yes
Damon Harmon damon harmon Vicmarc Mini & a Homeway 2550 Yes Sep 08May 09Sep 10
Dan Scott
Darrell Larrabee darrell larrabee
Dave Barden
Honored Member
dave barden
Dave Lancaster
Honored Member
Past President
dave lancaster Two Oneway 2436-SSs Yes Yes Mar 97, Dec 97, May 98,
Nov 99, Feb 00, Oct 00,
Mar 01, Jan 03, Apr 03,
Jan 04Jan 05Feb 05,
May 05, Nov 06Nov 07,
Nov 08Nov 10Feb 11
Dave Russell david russell Yes
David Roundy
Dean Batterman
Dennis Curtis
Board of Directors
dennis curtis Delta 1460 – vintage 1952 Yes Yes May 09
Dick Harvey
Dick Kelly dick kelly Oneway 1640 Yes
Dick Shryock Dick Shryock - Maine Woodturners
Don Caron Don Caron Yes
Don Gow
Don Rawnsley don rawnsley Yes
Don Wood
Donald Bridgham
Doug Blasius Doug Blasius - Maine Woodturners
Drew Caron
Duane and Connie Butler


Duane Butler - Maine Woodturners Powermatic 3520B (with extension) and a Jet Mini Yes
Ed Knapp ed knapp
E.J. Lilley
Ethan Rolfe
Eugene Beaupre eugene beaupre   Technatool
Gary Kitchen
Eagle Cane Coordinator
gary kitchen Grizzly 1642 Yes
Genie Hammond Genie Hammond - Maine Woodturners
George Gunning George Gunning - Maine Woodturners
George & Shirley Roth
Gus Szabronski Gus Szabronski - Maine Woodturners   Delta 460
Jacques Vesery   Yes  Nov 12
James Stevenson
Jarod White jarod white Yes
Jeff Frost Jeff Frost
Jim Gallant Jim Gallant
Jim Grimes jim grimes Powermatic 3520 B Yes
Jim Ianello
Joan Coleman joan coleman Powermatic 3520
Joe Rankin Joe Rankin
John Chowning
John Coppola   Oneway
John Correll
John Low
John McAlevey John McAlevey Oneway 2436 Yes Yes Feb 08
John McQuarrie
John Walker
John Ramsay Oneway 2436 yes Oct 2009
Jorge Castaneda jorge castaneda 02 Powermatic 3520B
Ken Gotreau Ken Gotreau - Maine Woodturners
Ken Keoughan ken keoughan Yes Nov 03Jan 07
Ken Shepherd
ken shepherd Delta 12” & a Oneway 1640 with outboard extension Yes Feb 07, Feb 08,
May 09Sep 10
Kim Dailey Yes
Lanny Dean

Past President

lanny dean 02 Oneway 2436 Yes
Leon Lowell
Linda Ostermann
Lou Landry lou landry Powermatic 3520B,
a Jet 1220 VS, and a
Vic Marc 24” VL300
Yes Feb 08
Mac Ray mac ray 02 Oneway 2436 Yes Mar 99, Apr 99, May 03,
Feb 06May 09
Mark Henry
Mark Irving
Past President
mark irving Stubby S750 and
a modified Jet 1236
Yes Yes Oct 02, Oct 03Jun 05,
Dec 05 May 06Feb 08,
Apr 09Jan 11
Mason McBrien
Michael Choate Mike Choate
Mike McCray
Michael Kagan Mike Kagan
Michael Nelson
Micheal Spaulding
Neil Hulbert Neil Hulbert Yes
Norman A. Dean
Penny Hall penny hall
Peter McCrea
Past President
peter mccrea 4 Oneway 1640 Yes Mar 05May 06,
Apr 07Feb 08,
Mar 09Apr 10
Peter Swinchatt peter swinchatt
Peter Washburn
Phil Brown phil brown
Phil Perkins Phil Perkins - Maine Woodturners
Red LaLiberte
Rene Burdet Rene Burdet - Maine Woodturners
Richard Dunham
Rick Palm rick palm Yes
Robert Morrell
Ronald Kostron ron kostron Yes
Ryan McArthur
Sheila Wiken
Board of Directors
Sheila Wiken Feb 08
Steve Brooke Steve Brooke Oneway 1224
Steve Dow Steve Dow Grizzly G0766
Temple & Victoria Blackwood Temple Blackwood Powermatic 4224 15”; General 260; Jet mini; Woodfast M40 Yes
Tom Clark
Tom & Hilary Fleming
Tom Raymond
Tom Raymond 02 Grizzly Yes Mar 03, Apr 05
May 06Feb 08
May 08Apr 10
William Copeland Bill Copeland
William Dana
Winfield Libby Winfield Libby
Winston Langston Winston Langston - Maine Woodturners
Woody Leland Woody Leland - Maine Woodturners

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