Maine Boy Scouts

This was a joint effort put together by Ken Shepherd and involved a fair amount of coordination. On March 21st, 2009 a woodturning demo took place at the Pine Tree Council's Boy Scout University which was held at the Central Maine Community College in Auburn. All three woodturning clubs here in Maine participated. Besides us, the Western Mountain Woodturners in Dixfield and the Southern Maine Woodturners in South Portland also lent a hand. As did the Woodturning School.

Considerable attention was paid to the demonstrators who were using three mini lathes by over a hundred Boy Scouts and Boy Scout Troop Leaders from all over Maine. The demonstrators produced numerous pieces throughout the day as well as leaving a few pieces (a finished bowl, a top, and a burl hollow form) as door prizes for the scouts.

The demonstrators for the day were:

    Ken Shepherd
    Jarod White
    Gary Rowland
    Tom Raymond
    Damon Harmon
    Peter Asselyn

Ken reports that the demonstrators had a great time turning and exchanging news and information with the observers and each other. Special thanks and appreciation (and hopefully a merit badge, too) goes to Boy Scout Jarod White for bringing the event to our attention and doing a great job of advancing the awareness of woodturning to a much younger generation.