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Our Libraians are Connie and Duane Bulter

Click the link to email them: 

or call them at 207-342-5657 

All questions about the library and its use should be directed to the Connie and Duane.

Here’s a listing of all VHS tapes and DVDs the chapter has available in the library for home viewing between meetings.

MWT-Library 2016


Missing or Lost Media from the Library 

If you know where these items are please contact Connie and Duane.

Thank you.

B104 DVD BOWLS Bowls:Something Made Easy David Lancaster
B114 DVD BOWLS Natural Edge Bowl Technique Ken Ertel
B115 DVD BOWLS Once Turned Bowls David Lancaster
B116 DVD BOWLS One Way Easy Core David Lancaster
B131 DVD BOWLS SUN PM Bowl Turning 2011 David Lancaster
B134 DVD BOWLS Split Bowl Turning A.M. Alan Curtis
B135 DVD BOWLS Split Bowl Turning A.M. Alan Curtis
H103 DVD HOLLOW FORMS Hollow Turning David Ellsworth
H104 DVD HOLLOW FORMS Lampshades PeterAsselyn
H111 DVD HOLLOW FORMS AM Turning A Ball Christian Burchard
SP105 DVD SPINDLE TURNING Turning a Cedar Finial Ken Shepherd
T105 DVD TECHNIQUES/TOOLS Segmented Woodturning I Malcolm Tibbitts
T110 DVD TECHNIQUES/TOOLS Segmented Woodturning VI Malcolm Tibbitts
T113 DVD TECHNIQUES/TOOLS Techniques and Projects Bonnie Klein
T114 DVD TECHNIQUES/TOOLS The Ellsworth Signature Gouge David Ellsworth
T125 DVD TECHNIQUES/TOOLS Basics/Tools Sharpening David Lancaster
U108 DVD UNIQUE TURNINGS Scrap Wood Projects Bob Rosand
U119 DVD UNIQUE TURNINGS Turned Wood Jimmy Clewes
U121 DVD UNIQUE TURNINGS Segmented Woodturning Malcolm Tibbets
U126 DVD UNIQUE TURNINGS Turning Projects From Scrap Bob Rosand
U131 DVD UNIQUE TURNINGS AM Thin Stemmed Goblets/Split Bowls Alan Carter
U132 DVD UNIQUE TURNINGS PM Thin Stemmed Goblets/Split Bowls Alan Carter
U142 DVD UNIQUE TURNINGS Attacking Burls Lanny Dean

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