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2014 Demos
January  Tips and trick night
February Canceled
March Chuck Seguin
2011 Demos
January Mark Irving
February David Lancaster
March Ann Prescott
April Al Mather
May Marilyn Campbell
June Slick Tricks Night
September Alan Carter
October Clay Foster
November David Ramsay
December Christmas Party
2008 Demos
January Peter Asselyn
February Open Mic Night
March Gary Rowland
April Jacques Vesery
May Tom Raymond
June Tops for Kids
September Damon Harmon
October Keith Tompkins
November Dave Lancaster
December Christmas Party
2005 Demos
January Dave Lancaster
February Dave Lancaster
March Peter McCrea
April Raymond & Mather
May Tool Making
June Mark Irving
September Alan Lacer
October Michael Hosaluk
November Kim Dailey
December Meeting canceled
2013 Demos
January Peter McCrea
February Petr Allelyn
March Lanny Dean
April David Lancaster
May Mac Ray
June Bob Delio
December Christmas Party
2010 Demos
January Donna Banfield
February Ken Lindgren
March Hanging Out
April The Three Amigos
May Jacques Vesery
June #1 Dave Barriger
June #2 Denise DeRose
September Challenge the Presidents
October Graeme Priddle
November David Lancaster
December Christmas Party
2007 Demos
January Ken Keoughan
February Ken Shepherd
March Chuck Hargenrader
April Peter McCrea
May Andy Hoyt
June Matthew Hill
September Christian Burchard
October Far From the Tree
November Dave Lancaster
December Meeting canceled
2004 Demos
January Dave Lancaster
February Steve Gleasner
March Bob Biette
April Mike Chase
May Nick Cook
June John Jordan
September Beth Ireland
October Guy Marsden
November Peter Asselyn
December Christmas Party
2012 Demos
January  Gary Kitchen
February  David Lancaster
March  Bob Delio
April  Lanny Dean
May  Ken shepherd
June  Dick Kelly
September Chuck Seguin
October Beth Ireland
November Jacques Vesery
December Christmas Party
2009 Demos
January Hannes Michelsen
February Ralph Tursini
March Chase & McCrea
April Mark Irving
May Open Mic Night
June Weather Canc.
September Alan Lacer
October John Ramsay
November Pete Tracy
December Christmas Party
2006 Demos
January Meeting canceled
February Mac Ray
March Peter Asselyn
April Tool Making
May The Three Amigos
June Al Stirt
September Bob Rosand
October Malcolm Tibbetts
November Dave Lancaster
December Christmas Party
2003 Demos
January Dave Lancaster
February Metal Spinning
March Tom Raymond
April Dave Lancaster
May Mac Ray
June Tool Making
September Bruce Hoover
October Mark Irving
November Ken Keoughan
December Christmas Party


Older Demos
September 2002 Bob Rosand
March 2001 Dave Lancaster
November 2001 Al Stirt
December 2001 Christmas Party
Date Unknown Mystery Guest #1
Date Unknown Mystery Guest #2
Date Unknown Mystery Guest #3
Date Unknown Mystery Guest #4
Date Unknown Al Stirt
Date Unknown Hannes Michelsen

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