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This event has been rescheduled to February 18th and 19th!

Happy New Year!

Donna Zils Banfield will visit us for a rare 2-day demo February 18th-19th (Saturday-Sunday). Donna has been very active in the woodturning community, and you can learn more about Donna and her beautiful work at:  Donna’s demonstrations will feature her masterful and very interesting “Wood Ffolkkes”. 

Be sure to read her demo guide Wood Ffolkkes Sculpture Demo and Workshop  for more details.

Day One (Saturday the 18th)

Day One will be the full demonstration, starting with turning the form on the lathe, creating the pattern and pyro-engraving and texturing in the morning.  Afternoon will be adding color.  Start time will be 9:00 AM.

Day Two (Sunday the 19th)

Day 2 will be hands-on.  Donna indicates that students should come to the Day 2 workshop with their form already turned.  If you prefer, you can buy one a blank from her for $10 each. 

Please contact Donna right away if you want one.  Donna’s email is, and her cell is (978) 618-7192.

If you want to turn one yourself, use either the teal or blue shape in the attached “Tweens and kids” photo as a guide.  Donna suggests that the blank should be no larger than about 3¼” in diameter and 3¾” in length.  A little smaller will take less time to texture and paint. 

Donna indicated that a simple egg form is fine, so don’t feel like you need to carve the little twisty “flip” at the top  The blank should be dry, straight grain, closed grain, closed pore.  Preferred species are maple, cherry, birch or sycamore.  She also said that purchasing an wooden egg or sphere at a hobby shop such as Michael’s would work just fine.

The attached demo guide linked above  indicates what Donna will provide and what class members should bring for the hands-on day.  She does have 5 woodburning units that she will bring for students.  Contact her directly if you want to use one of hers…first come, first serve, so don’t delay.  Note that Donna has specific requirements of what woodburners will work, so be sure to check out what is needed if you want to bring your own.  Donna said the rotary carving tool is optional, and likely only needed if you want to attempt the “twisty flip” on top.

The demonstration cost will be $40 per day for paid-up members ($50 per day for non-members).  Non-members (spouses, for example) are also welcome to attend if interested.  We’ll do the usual pizza lunch for $5 per person each day.

Please RSVP and let me know if you plan to attend Day One or Days One and Two.  RSVP to 

Dennis Curtis




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