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October 19, 2106

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

“Finishing our Turned Pieces”

Our demonstrator:

Roger Rittmaster

Roger’s presentation will be on how to apply a custom danish oil mixture to a properly prepared turned project and how to effectively use the Beal buffing system after the finish cures. Roger will share his expertise on the Beal Buffing System and explain the ins and outs of using it for small and medium sized projects.

This is NOT your “watch the paint dry session”, we’ll be moving quickly through the methods and discussions. So, come and join the conversation right up to the finish.

Our planning committee is looking for other members to contribute to this demonstration by sharing detailed information about other types of finishes.

For example:

  • Poly finishes

  • Linseed oils

  • Tung oils

  • Home Made finishing products

  • Waxes


Remember the doors open at 6:30 pm for photographing the Show and Tell table items and a chance to have a little chat time with other members over coffee, donuts and bagels too.






 We are in need of a Vice President.

Read the recently revised new By-Laws to understand the requirements of that position.

It’s time you stepped up and made a contribution to the chapter.

WE meet for a variety of reasons.

  • some for the information, some for the demonstrations,

  • some for the conversation,

  • some for the Show and Tells, some for the friendships

  • and some because they are just new to the craft.

BUT for whatever reason you come to the meetings or are a member you need to know that this does no just fall into place on a wish and a prayer.

These are leaders who have the same strings pulling on them that you have

and yet

have  found the time,

the energy,

and spirit

to invest a few hours a month to helping lead a small group of crafts people on a little journey to expand their knowledge and make new friends.

Try it, if you don’t like it, quit. Move on and put another piece of wood on the lathe and make sometime else.

That’s is a mixed metaphor but the point is to make an effort to share your insight and ideas and have fun.

Talk to Al or Brian or Lanny or Ken about how their time as officers in the Maine Woodturners has made them better turners; better craftsmen.

Have the conversation today and change your life and the life of the Maine Woodturners too.

 Are you showing your turnings at Fairs and Craft shows this season.

Share that information with us.


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We are the Maine Woodturners:

 a dedicated group of folks who share an abiding passion for turning.

A local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners.

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Well, we have added a page for just that idea.

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Just to start us off here are three Videos on:

Shear Scrapping.

Being an active member of the Maine Woodturners means finding a level of participation that you are comfortable with and can be of help to other turners.

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